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June 2022
LJK Documents
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Skagit River Floods: After 40 Years, The Final Paper “After 40 years of involvement a final attempt to get government to do the right thing.”
April 2022
Corps of Engineers Documents
4/1/2021 Notice of Preparation/Clean Air Act Public Notice “The Skagit County DD 12 levee is located on the right bank of the Skagit River near the town of Burlington, in Skagit County, Washington. It is approximately 6.4 miles long and is the upstream segment of a 3-segment system that protects urban, residential, commercial, agricultural, and public lands. In its undamaged state, it provides a 50-year level of protection to the town of Burlington and surrounding areas.”
March 2022
FEMA Documents
8/1/1991 Letter from Nookachamp resident to DD12 requesting information about permits for levee improvement Nookachamps area residents, having noticed added fill being placed on dikes over the years, are extremely concerned of what effect this has caused, and will continue to cause, on the Skagit River flood flows in the Nookachamps Valley. Please provide me with any studies you have that will show the effects.

Copies sent to FEMA, COE, Skagit County Commissioners, Burlington Mayor and others.
3/2/1992 Letter From Flood Plain Program Manager to LJK, RE: Effects of Fill In response to your February 27, 1992, telephone call regarding the effects of fill that has been placed on the right bank of the Skagit River upstream of the Burlington and Northern Railroad bridge, located just upstream of Interstate Highway 5. ... I could not be certain without a backwater analysis, most likely the fill constricts the channel, which would increase the‘flood levels upstream. The increase would be greatest in the channel but there would also be an increase in flood levels in the overbank areas.

Copy sent to FEMA
January 2022
LJK Documents
1995 Graphic Summary of Increases in 1990 Flood Levels Due to Levee System Hydraulic analysis graphic prepared by nhc showing increases in flood levels in the Nookachamps/Sterling areas due to the placement of the levees. This document was submitted by plaintiffs in the Halverson vs Skagit county lawsuit. See Hydraulic Testimony  re: how the hydraulic study was prepared. Subsequently the study was presented to the Skagit County Commissioners, Skagit County Hearing Examiner, Skagit County Planning and Public Works Department, City of Burlington, DD12, and the Sedro-Woolley Mayor..
Historic Flood Flows of the Skagit River

This document list the flood events and the recorded flows.  I first put this together in 1991 when I authored Skagit River Valley: The Disaster Waiting To Happen. Most of the information came from the 1979 Corps of Engineers GDM used for the 1979 Levee Improvement project proposal. I have updated the document each time we had another flood event. It is sort of a running record of flood events on the Skagit River.

City of Burlington Documents
Settlement Agreement Between Burlington, Dike District 12 and Sedro-Woolley

“The parties to this Agreement have expressed a willingness to negotiate and reach agreements to avoid costly litigation and land use appeals regarding future projects in favor of a more collaborative and coordinated approach on future projects and flood impacts, if possible, while retaining abilities of each entity to protect their jurisdictions.”